Mobile Mind-blowing Gift Ideas

Since last Christmas we have blogged about evolving mobile technologies, particularly wearable devices, and their place in our lives and in society.  We predicted we would see many new examples of such technologies on the market in the near future and secretly hoped some of them would be around in time for our holiday shopping this year.  Well, we can’t say we aren’t a little disappointed in our options, especially when it comes to wearables such as smartwatches.  Sure, there are plenty of wrist devices out there that you can use to track your fitness or tether to your existing smartphone.  But other than the Samsung Gear S, QOne or previously posted Neptune Pine there are very few that are true self-contained devices that can make calls on their own, run apps like their larger counterparts, and are readily available for purchase.    Other mobile gift ideas, such as projected keyboards and Bluetooth talking gloves, don’t really seem all that evolved and left us wondering if we shouldn’t just give up and go analog this year.

But before we took that drastic step we Skyped Santa and asked him for a few suggestions.  He pointed us to the following miraculously innovative pieces of mobile technology.  And when we say innovative we mean bleeding-edge 22nd Century mobile mind-blowing stuff.   Yes, it is all real and yes, we know you’ll want it under your tree this holiday season.

Holographic Displays for Mobile Devices

Photo of boys with Holho deviceItalian company HOLHO produces a line of multifaceted devices that when used with their complimentary mobile application enables your mobile device to generate three dimensional images and video with stunning detail.   You can also use their app to film objects and people and display them on your Holho device (dark background required).  Particularly trained and talented individuals can even create their own images and videos from scratch and display them straight on a device.  We’ve seen this technology in museums before and we’re not sure if it technically qualifies as holographic.  But who technically cares?  These devices would certainly be useful for business presentations or product demos or viewing messages from the Rebel Alliance.   The Holho devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes including three and four-sided pyramids accommodating smartphones and tablets.  Best of all, most models are priced at under $100!

Scent-based Mobile Messaging

Photo of woman sniffing oPhoneWe already interact with our mobile devices via our senses of sight, hearing and touch.  But if Vapor Communications is successful you will soon be able to send smells via mobile messages, or oNotes, using their oSnap mobile app for iPhone and receive them using your very own odor emitting oPhone device.  The oPhone uses oChips which contain a total of 32 different aromas that can be combined to create more than 300,000 unique scents.  We personally think that such a device is ripe (pardon the pun) for abuse in both humorous and disturbing ways.  Nevertheless we can see the oPhone becoming popular with foodies and chefs, perhaps used for testing fragrances, and maybe even as a teaching or training tool.  Unfortunately the oPhone isn’t scheduled for mainstream production until next year.  So for this holiday season you’ll have to settle for downloading the app and sending an oNote to a beta version of an oPhone located at the Café ArtScience in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Coutume Café in Paris, France.  Beta version?  That could make for an interesting trip this holiday season.

Mind-controlled Mobile Applications

We aren’t called Mobile Mind for just any reason.  Though we appreciate mobile devices that enhance and titillate our five senses (yes you know the tastePhone is coming next) what we appreciate even more is a device that doesn’t require them at all and solely relies on the power of your mind…and one AAA battery.  Yes such a device really exists and is available for just under 100 Euro via MindTec (love the name) and their online store.  The Neurosky MindWave is an EEG Headset that uses built-in sensors to read your brain’s electrical activity and transmit the data to your mobile device.  There you can use the MindWave to interact with a variety of mobile apps available from the MindTec App Store.  With these apps you can stimulate your brain, increase your cognitive skills and even play games – with your mind!

Photo of man wearing Mindwave device with Google GlassAdmittedly we can’t decide which poses a bigger threat to our sense of fashion:  the MindWave or Google Glass.  They both stick out from your face and make you look like an extra in a sci-fi movie.  But if fashion means little to you or you’re searching for a more surreptitious way to take photos with your glasses then look no further than the MindRDR open source app for Google Glass.  This nifty little app allows you to use a Neurosky Mindwave device to take photos with Google Glass and post them to Facebook or Twitter.  No hands or voice needed, just think…and it happens.  This in itself would make for a somewhat creepy gift idea.  But anyone who is rigged up like this isn’t exactly going to blend in, are they?  Keep that in mind when adding this to your shopping list.  If your friend, colleague or loved-one is already considered a Glasshole you certainly wouldn’t want to make them look like a Glasshat at their next outing.

~Happy shopping and Happy Holidays from the Mobile Mind team!